Booking policy

Please do not contact the staff or owners of the Royal Room directly about booking your band. Any booking inquiries should be sent to:

Emails are reviewed and answered with much greater frequency than physical promo packages, so we encourage you to save a tree and postage expenses, and contact us at the email above.

While we try to respond to booking inquiries in a timely fashion, due to the volume of emails we receive it may take a few days for us to get back to you. On occasion an inquiry can slip past us so if you do not hear from us within two weeks please feel free to send a follow up email.

When contacting us please include:
1) A brief description of the band and any press it's received as well as a link to your website.
2) Links to streaming audio and/or video of the band. (Please do not attach any MP3s to the email, or direct us to sites that require we download the music to our hard drives.)
3) A brief performance history in town; where you've played, who with, and what size audience the group generally draws midweek and on the weekend.
4) Which date(s) you are seeking, if applicable.

While the Royal Room books a wide variety of musical styles - afro-beat to bluegrass, avant garde to funk and everything in between - there are a few important things to note regarding our venue:

The Royal Room actively emphasizes local music and the cultivation of the Seattle music scene. To that end we encourage reoccurring and special projects unique to the space. By promoting the development of new projects, the Royal Room offers artists an opportunity to develop, document and promote their work. For more information on the Royal Room's programming philosophy please read our Project Room page.

The Royal Room offers both our donation system and door covers.

Donations are collected via envelopes which patrons can either return to their bartender/ server, or place in the donation box near the stage.

If you are looking to host a private event at the Royal Room please contact with a brief description of the event you have in mind including the expected number of guests, whether you will have live entertainment and which date(s) you have in mind.