Steinway B Piano
Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie 122 cabinet
Fender Rhodes: suitcase model
Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Roland KC350 Keyboard Amp
Gallien-Krueger 800RB Bass Preamp
Ampeg SVT-410 HE Bass Cabinet
Drum Kit:
Ludwig 14” Snare
Gretsch 12" High Tom
Gretsch 14" Floor Tom
Gretsch 20" Bass Drum
Hi Hat: Zildjian ZBT 14"/36cm
Crash: Sabian B8 Thin 18'/46cm
Ride: Avedis Zildjian Ping 20"/51cm

If you have been booked for the Royal Room stage and would like to use any of the above instruments during your performance, please let the staff know at least 24 hours in advance of your set.

Midas M32 Mixing Desk
DL32 Stage Box
(2) QSC KW152
(2) QSC K12
(1) QSC K Series Subwoofer

Monitors: (2) QSC RMX 2450 Amps
(3) Mackie C200
(1) JBL EON 15P-1

(5) Shure SM-57
(4) Shure SM-58
(2) Sennheiser e838
(2) Shure Beta-52A
(2) AKG Perception 170
(2) AKG Perception 150
(1) EV RE-20

Recording System:
Midas M32 Mixing Desk
OSX Mac Mini
Protools 10.1
(2) Audio Technica 2050 (Room Mics)
(1) Vixia HFM400 HD Video Camera

Lights: Avolites Azure 2000 Light Board

(15) Music Stands
(1) BenQ Digital Projector (VGA Connection)
(1) 9ft Da-Lite Cosmopoliton Screen

The Royal Room has live music seven nights a week, check calendar for opening times.
The Royal Room is all ages until 10pm.