International Playstory Trio

November 15, 2020 @ 6:00 pm
The International Playstory Trio is three minds telling stories with music, some true, some almost true, where the middle is the end and the beginning never ends. The past can be the future, but it all unfolds in the present moment.
As a composer, performer, instrument builder/designer, storyteller, teacher, mentor, and organizer, Cooper-Moore has been a major, if somewhat behind-the-scenes, catalyst in the world of creative music for over 40 years.
Clayton Thomas is double bass player and founder of the NOW now, Splinter and Splitter Orchestra. (he once attempted the world’s longest bass solo.)
Dave Sewelson was born in Oakland, California, in 1952. There was a half-size violin kept in the closet in case he wanted to be a concert violinist. He played trumpet at the age of nine, moving to baritone horn at the age of eleven, followed by a stint on drums until settling on electric bass at thirteen, adding upright bass to the mix until the switch to saxophone at the age of twenty-one. He has specialized in the baritone saxophone since the early seventies.
Join us for our recurring series titled ‘Staycation Festival’, a series of streaming events at the Royal Room, co-hosted by Live Concerts Stream.
You can stream the show at, and on the Royal Room Facebook page!
Royal Room page:

Live Concerts Stream:

Both sites will have a link to donate to the artist ?
Performed live on The Royal Room stage, following all Washington State Department of Health guidelines



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