October 2, 2020 @ 8:30 pm

LORBO is a project and band of Seattle’s Skerik (playing keyboards thru Marshall amp and 4×12 cabinet, Plush amp thru 18” cabinet and 4×10 cabinet) featuring B.R.A.D. Mowen on vocals and Lupe Flores on drums. This power trio has been performing and making music together since 2017, their first studio recorded album “Lizard” is due to release this summer. LORBO melds thrashing heaviness into a dark yet ethereal soundscape, creating something meditative while at the same time ruinous.

Join us for our recurring series titled ‘Staycation Festival’, a summer-long series of streaming events at the Royal Room, co-hosted by Live Concerts Stream.

You can stream the show at LiveConcertsStream.com, and on the Royal Room Facebook page!

Royal Room page: facebook.com/royalroomseattle/
Live Concerts Stream: liveconcertsstream.com/

Both sites will have a link to donate to the artist 🙂

Performed live on The Royal Room stage, following all Washington State Department of Health guidelines.

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