In 2009 musician and composer Wayne Horvitz approached longtime Seattle bar, restaurant and venue owners Tia Matthies and Steve Freeborn about partnering on a new project in Seattle. After two years of planning and development, the Royal Room opened in historic Columbia City in December 2011.

With permanent backline, recording and video, a grand piano and a generous stage, the venue has been designed to serve the musicians and artists who will be performing. The restaurant and bar has a comfortable neighborhood feel that welcomes patrons of all ages and varied tastes, from an after work happy hour to late in the evening.

The music featured at the Royal Room covers a wide range of styles, with an emphasis on creative programming and development. This allows artists to work on projects in a collaborative community space.

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South Hudson Music Project was conceived in 2016, to sustain music presentation at the Royal Room and support deepening connections with the surrounding neighborhood and like-minded musical community. In 2018, Shunpike, the 501(c)3 non-profit agency that provides independent arts groups in Washington State with services, resources, and opportunities they need to forge their paths to sustainable success, became the fiscal sponsor, allowing SHMP to test the nonprofit sector’s willingness to support this nonprofit offspring of the Royal Room. As such, the South Hudson Music Project is a not-for-profit funding model designed to sustain the music presentation, education, and community benefit activities of The Royal Room as it continues as a for-profit bar and restaurant; it seeks public funding to support music programming at the Royal Room and other venues in the region by following its mission, vision, and values.

For more information on the South Hudson Music Project and how you can support our local music community, please visit www.shmproject.org.